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New G654 Dark Grey Granite

With the price of Old G654 dark grey granite keep increasing, many cheaper New G654 are developped as replacement now. 

However, each New G654 has different characters. Most New G654 are with more and bigger black dots, or white lines, or color is lighter, and the material quality is not as good as Old G654. But some New G654 are almost same as Old G654,good quality and much cheaper! 

Below are 4 types of New G654 which we work with the quarry directly, cheaper and good quality enough,many clients have began to use these materials instead of Old G654. 

We would suggest the Most Suitable New G654 for you based on your market, the application, products type,your target price or budget of the project.

Any interest or request,don't hesitate to contact us for more information or quotation! 

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